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Call Recording Device Jaipur

Call recording jaipur, telephone recording jaipur, land line call recording jaipur, land line recording jaipur

Call Recording Device Jaipur, Telephone Call Recording Device.

Shivshakti computers Jaipur have a piece of hardware with including free software that let you record your calls to your computer for future reference. It can

be also used as assistance when you are not available to answer the call you can also get miss call status. An indispensable tool in your office with its handy

interface will make you more productive and secure.

you can record all conversations using all ports continually of using all ports like 2 port, 4port,8 port, 16 port till 128 port telephone recording

Our call logger device is a small size device that can be easily managed. Our telephone call recording machine records beep less sound during the call

recording. The whole conversation is saved to your hard disk. Your incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded and if you are not there to the

answer the call than miss call will be shown in the call recording software




» Logs date, time and duration stamp.

Every call will show with the date time and duration.

» You may write note.

Annotate a recording with comment regarding the context of the call recording. Later you can make a search on memos to find specific calls.

» Adjust digitally signal level.

If the conversation or the message has low volume you may increase with a click of a button.

» Database search.

You can search the table to find specific calls.

» Email your recordings.

You may on a recording or a set of recordings and email them directly.

» Detects and saves caller ID.

It keeps in a separate column of the table the caller ID of your incoming calls.

» Maintain previously recorded calls.



Call recording jaipur, telephone recording jaipur, land line call recording jaipur, land line recording jaipur, Call Recording Device JaipurYou can easily maintain all previous telephone recorded calls in your computer hard disk.

Maintain the recorded calls list.

•Call recording applications can also import all list of all calls in excel.

•Banking: Record wire transfers for verification and security purposes.

•Stockbrokers: Record buys/sell conversations for liability protection.

•Insurance: Record claims or use for fraudulent investigations.

•Realty: Capture details of negotiations with other brokers & title companies.

•Business Travelers: Can record business conversations to their notebook while traveling.

•Education/Government: Record any potential threats to aid law enforcement.

•Law Enforcement: Record investigations and non-emergency critical information.

•Legal/Medical: Dictate via your phone and e-mail the file for transcription purposes.

•Pharmaceutical: Record call in prescriptions for accuracy and liability protection.

•Transportation: Dispatchers can record pick up/delivery services for verification.

• Construction: Record change orders from the field for project management.

• Inside Sales/Telemarketing: Record sales transactions for accuracy or training purposes.


» Creates wav and mp3 files.

The software creates standard files that can be handled by any external player or sound editor.

You can select the compression format of the wav and mp3 files saved to your hard disk, such as uncompressed PCM, ACELP, a-law, u-law, DSP true speech, GSM

6.10, IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, G723.1, Creative fast speech, MP3 and many others your system supports. It’s not so handy to have all calls and notes in a

list. Some calls are important so we can also high light these calls


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